Making the digital-savvy feel welcome

Koren Gruebel’s mission is to show that credit unions can compete with the big banks.

“My mission is to show consumers that credit unions are innovative and we can compete with the big banks,” she says. “For somebody who is digitally savvy, becoming a credit union member isn’t always an obvious choice.”

Changing the perception of limited technology drives Greubel to continually show members how West Community brings them the latest digital products.

“Our best campaigns are when we market innovative products that make us unique,” she says. “Marketing is so much more than a creative ad. It’s critical for credit union marketers to embrace innovation to be competitive.”

For example, $267 million asset West Community is an early adopter of the Credit Sense product that’s powered by SavvyMoney and integrated into Fiserv’s online and mobile banking. The product guides members to use credit wisely and aims to maintain or improve their credit ratings.

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